Stop using clumsy and inconsistent ways to hold your parts.

A lot of time is lost setting up your machines from one job to the next. Stop having to figure out how to hold your parts. Stop designing and making custom fixtures to hold your parts.

If your machine shop is like most, you’ve lost a lot of time and money setting up your machines from one job to the next. This can sometimes result in late deliveries, poor quality and missed sales, which all hurt your bottom line.

You are faced with many different pressures: on-time delivery, managing profit margin, quality and customer satisfaction. All the while wasting time and money on your setups.

With a WOW Workholding modular system, you can standardize your setups across your machining centres. It is easily understood by the operator, apprentice, and journeyman. You will be the leaders of your industry in no time.

Start blowing the competition away.


  • Endless amount of configurations
  • Accuracy / repeatability
  • Strength
  • 1 system that can be replicated through all your machines
  • Ease of training your operators
  • Transferable processes – move parts from one machine to the next. Give your scheduling flexibility
  • Operators can easily do the work of a setup operator

We Have A Solution for YOU

Simplify your setup.

Use a WOW Workholding modular system.

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